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r/ComedyCemetery – A Graveyard for Bad Jokes


r/ComedyNecromancy – Where Bad Jokes Go to Die

r/comedynecromancy is one of the biggest comedy subreddits on Reddit. With more than 20.9 million subscribers, it’s even bigger than Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show or BBC’s Have I Got News For You. The subreddit critiques tasteless, unfunny memetic humor primarily over the internet. It inspired other subreddits like /r/ComedyCemeteryLore and /r/Gumcels.


/r/ComedyCemetery is a subreddit where bad jokes go to die. It was created in January 2014 and has since grown to become one of the most popular comedy subreddits on Reddit. Its users critique tasteless, unfunny, or outdated memetic humor. The community also targets failed satire and parody, primarily from South Asian countries. /r/ComedyCemetery’s mascot is Sarcastic Bro, a character from the Facebook page Sarcastic Bro.

The subreddit’s golden age is generally considered to have ended on 24 December 2018, when a large influx of normies caused it to destabilize and lose its culture. However, the /r/ComedyCemeteryLore and /r/Gumcels subreddits continued to operate as shadows of their former selves.

r/ComedyCemetery’s moderator, /u/BestBetter, is a well-known comedy artist, and the subreddit is home to many of his creations. He is also responsible for identifying and removing accounts that belong to Russian troll farms.


While /r/ComedyCemetery remained active in 2018, its golden age was coming to an end. The subreddit had become increasingly political and partisan, with less and less focus on shitty Weed Bro, Funwaa and Adam ellis comics. In August, /r/ComedyCemeteryLore was created to discuss the lore of the subreddit, while in October /r/Gumcels was created to ironically hate Funwaa and celebrate Natty. Pewdiepie reviewed the subreddit in December, sending a large influx of normies to destroy its culture.

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