Top Comedy Shows in Louisville, Kentucky: A Laughter-Filled NightTop Comedy Shows in Louisville, Kentucky: A Laughter-Filled Night


Top 5 Comedy Shows in Louisville, Kentucky

Witness some of the top comedy shows in Louisville, Kentucky and laugh till your belly hurts. You can also try out your own stand up comedy act at improv workshops and comedy classes.

Caravan Comedy Club is a stand-up comedy venue that emphasizes the art with memorabilia on the walls + gives priority to local comedians. Their open mic nights are packed with both talent spotters + industry vets.

Caravan Comedy Club

Caravan Comedy Club is a fun night out for anyone who loves laughing. The club has a long history of bringing top comedians to Louisville, and its affordable prices make it an ideal option for anyone looking to have a great time. The staff is friendly and welcoming, making the experience even better.

The comedians that perform at the club are some of the biggest names in the industry, and they always put on a great show. In addition, the club offers a wide range of drinks and snacks, making it the perfect place to relax and enjoy a good laugh.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a friend or loved one, a visit to the Caravan Comedy Club is a great choice. The club has a variety of gifts, including t-shirts and mugs, that any comedy fan would love to have. It also hosts a number of events, including contests and parties, so there’s something for everyone at the Caravan Comedy Club.

Planet of the Tapes

The Planet of the Tapes is a fun place to hang out and grab a drink. It offers a variety of craft cocktails that are inspired by movies. It also has non-alcoholic options, such as ginger beer. The bar has an edgy, urban feel, and the staff is efficient.

The venue features a mix of comedy, burlesque performances, themed shows, and more. On off nights, they offer karaoke, trivia, record spinning, local live music (after the comedy), and movie nights on their giant projector screen.

Matt and Ben is a hilarious one-act play about two struggling actors who are given a script that changes their lives forever. This play is a clever re-imagining of how Matt Damon and Ben Affleck became famous with their passion project Good Will Hunting. It is a must-see for fans of the film. It features a set that is reminiscent of a messy apartment and plenty of references to the actor’s real-life behavior.

Louisville Comedy Club

The brand new Louisville Comedy Club is located in the heart of downtown on Main in Whiskey Row and features a variety of comedians from the local scene as well as national headliners. This state of the art venue is also a great place to host private events. –

The newly opened theater has 275 seats and offers food + drink options. The venue is non-smoking and 21+ for shows starting at 9:30 pm or later. Tickets are available online + at the door. If a performance is sold out, sign up for availability notifications on the event page or come by the night of the show for stand-by tickets.

Laugh Louisville is owned by Bark Entertainment, which has five comedy clubs across the country. They offer a wide variety of comedians including national headliners, up-and-coming performers and a thriving open mic community. The theater also hosts a variety of musical acts and other special events throughout the year.

4th Street Live – Laugh Louisville

Located on the second level of downtown Louisville’s 4th Street Live entertainment district, Laugh Louisville will host today’s top touring comedians and podcasts. The unique live event space is also available for rental for corporate training and weddings. The owners, Boston-based comedy producer John Tobin and CEO Norm Laviolette, have over 60 years of producing experience. The pair own and operate venues across North America, including Improv Asylum in Boston, Laugh Boston, Nick’s Comedy Stop, Asylum NYC, Detroit House of Comedy and Plano House of Comedy.

The new venue, with 330 seats, is a welcome addition to the downtown entertainment complex. It is a fun, energetic environment that offers a great night out. The venue’s owners say they’re excited to bring a state-of-the-art comedy club to the city. Despite being a secondary metro market, they feel that Louisville is the perfect location for a stand-up comedy club. The venue is open for business and hosts comedy shows every day of the week.

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The Dark Humor of Sarcastic Bro on r/Comedy NecrophiliaThe Dark Humor of Sarcastic Bro on r/Comedy Necrophilia


Sarcastic Bro on r/Comedy Necrophilia

Sarcastic Bro is a character from a Facebook comedy page of the same name. He is known for his dark humor and cynical attitude, and has been featured in many memes on r/ComedyNecrophilia. This mod adds a large number of entities based off of Sarcastic Bro memes. It also includes a user submitted Characters Tier List template and community rankings.

What is r/comedy necrophilia’s purpose?

r/ComedyNecrophilia is a community where people can share humorous stories about their love for the dead. It is also a place where people can discuss their own experiences with necrophilia and share their ideas and opinions about it.

Necrophilia is an intense sexual attraction to corpses or other dead things. It is a type of paraphilia and is recognized by the World Health Organization in its International Classification of Diseases (ICD) and by the American Psychiatric Association in its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

Some examples of necrophilia include: – smelling a dead body – touching a dead body – stroking a dead body – removing objects or parts of a dead body – having sex with a corpse – being in a relationship with someone who has a fascination for the dead.

What is r/comedy necrophilia’s target audience?

Necrophilia is an interest in or enjoyment of corpses and can be a paraphilia. It is often seen as a sexual fetish and can be found in people of all ages and backgrounds. Some common forms of necrophilia include stroking and touching a dead body, mutilating a corpse for sexual pleasure, or having intercourse with a deceased person.

r/ComedyCemetery is a subreddit that critiques tasteless or unfunny memetic humor on the internet. It was created by /u/tilnewstuff on 27 January 2014 and has over 600,000 subscribers. Its slogan is “where jokes go to die”. It has inspired a number of similar subreddits, including /r/ComedyNecromancy and /r/ComedyCemeteryLore.

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r/ComedyCemetery – A Graveyard for Bad Jokesr/ComedyCemetery – A Graveyard for Bad Jokes


r/ComedyNecromancy – Where Bad Jokes Go to Die

r/comedynecromancy is one of the biggest comedy subreddits on Reddit. With more than 20.9 million subscribers, it’s even bigger than Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show or BBC’s Have I Got News For You. The subreddit critiques tasteless, unfunny memetic humor primarily over the internet. It inspired other subreddits like /r/ComedyCemeteryLore and /r/Gumcels.


/r/ComedyCemetery is a subreddit where bad jokes go to die. It was created in January 2014 and has since grown to become one of the most popular comedy subreddits on Reddit. Its users critique tasteless, unfunny, or outdated memetic humor. The community also targets failed satire and parody, primarily from South Asian countries. /r/ComedyCemetery’s mascot is Sarcastic Bro, a character from the Facebook page Sarcastic Bro.

The subreddit’s golden age is generally considered to have ended on 24 December 2018, when a large influx of normies caused it to destabilize and lose its culture. However, the /r/ComedyCemeteryLore and /r/Gumcels subreddits continued to operate as shadows of their former selves.

r/ComedyCemetery’s moderator, /u/BestBetter, is a well-known comedy artist, and the subreddit is home to many of his creations. He is also responsible for identifying and removing accounts that belong to Russian troll farms.


While /r/ComedyCemetery remained active in 2018, its golden age was coming to an end. The subreddit had become increasingly political and partisan, with less and less focus on shitty Weed Bro, Funwaa and Adam ellis comics. In August, /r/ComedyCemeteryLore was created to discuss the lore of the subreddit, while in October /r/Gumcels was created to ironically hate Funwaa and celebrate Natty. Pewdiepie reviewed the subreddit in December, sending a large influx of normies to destroy its culture.

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